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How do I get an estimate?

The best and fastest way to get an estimate:
⁃ By clicking on “get a quote” button on our Facebook page.
⁃ By clicking on “Free estimate” button on our web site.
– Simply giving us a call at 708-340-4412.

Are there any hidden fees added to the service in addition to services requested?

-No hidden fees or additional charges will be added to the final bill. (Unless additional items are requested to be cleaned)

What is included for the price that I was quoted for?

Our gold package includes:
-Pre vacuum,
-pre treatment,
-hot water extraction (steam cleaning),
-carpet / upholstery fiber rinse,

Our premium package includes:
-Pre vacuum,
-pre treatment,
-hot water extraction (steam cleaning),
-deodorizer -carpet / upholstery fiber rinse,
-sanitizer / enzyme treatment
-pet odor control and elimination to our best ability.
-carpet or upholstery protection (scotch guard) is an additional and optional service. If requested, you will be quoted accordingly.

Is moving furniture included in your service?

At customers request, we can move 2 to 3 pieces of light and inexpensive furniture. That will be free of charge, if you need us to move any more furniture we will charge accordingly. We don’t move dressers, beds, Drawers, or any custom-made furniture.

How long does it take for the carpets to dry?

Carpet usually dries within 4 to 10 hours and upholstery usually dries within 2 to 6 hours. In some cases, it might take longer, depending on how heavily soiled the carpet / upholstery is, Fabric type, and airflow, etc.

Am I able to walk on the wet carpet? Can I move the furniture back on the carpet while my carpet dries?

-Yes you can walk on the wet carpet, It’s safe and you won’t damage the carpet but we recommend to stay off of it if possible, low traffic only. Also, it is not recommended to put furniture back on the wet carpet. If you want to put some furniture back right away, ask the technician to give you an advice on what would be the proper way to put the furniture back and protect the carpet.

How far in advance do I need to make an appointment?

-2-5 days for a weekday appointments usually and week or two for a weekends.

Do I have to have cash to pay for the services? What other forms of payments you accept?

-The best form of payment for us is Zelle. We accept cash, credit and debit cards and there are no processing fees for credit or debit card payments. *We do not accept personal checks.